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Cyber Insurance Coverage

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Safeguard Your Digital Assets with Cyber Insurance Coverage

Assess Your Cyber Vulnerability

Provided by Michael Warren Insurance Agency, Cowbell Prime is an unparalleled solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with revenues up to $500 Million. Our standalone cyber insurance program provides expansive coverage for a diverse range of cyber incidents, including email scams, ransomware attacks, social engineering tactics, and more. Leverage Cowbell Factors to evaluate your cyber risk using data from various sources like external data, firmographics, claims data, and dark web intelligence. Get answers to key questions such as “How does my business’s security compare to industry standards?” and “Which areas of my business are most susceptible to cyber threats?”

Utilize the Power of Cowbell RX's Partner Referral Network

Cowbell RX, presented by Michael Warren Insurance Agency, is the industry’s pioneering partner referral network. This network connects you with top-of-the-line cybersecurity solutions and services to bolster your business against potential cyber threats. With Cowbell RX, find the ideal partner to assess, enhance, insure, and respond to cyber threats.

Leverage Advanced Technology with Our AI-Powered Platform

Powered by artificial intelligence and in-depth data analysis, Cowbell Prime delivers a customized cyber insurance policy designed exclusively for your organization’s unique risk exposures.

Our AI-driven platform enables proactive risk mitigation through continuous assessment and improvement. Protect your business from the damaging effects of cyber threats by securing the comprehensive cyber insurance coverage offered by Cowbell Prime through Michael Warren Insurance Agency.

We understand the importance of securing your digital assets. Don't leave your business vulnerable.

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